2019 interior design trends

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2019 interior design trends

We are always looking to incorporate the latest interior design trends into our projects.  Each year we see remarkable progress in the design world with new and exciting directions; from materials to finishes, colors and everything in between.

While home décor trends aren’t as fickle as fashion, they do surface and encourage us to be bigger risk-takers; exposing us to what’s possible, what looks fun and how best to personalize our interior spaces.

If you’re on a hunt for new design cues to stylishly refresh your nest, we’ve rounded up few 2019 interior design trends that offer serious inspiration to get you started.


Artisanal and organic material

organic material

With all eyes on sustainability and eco-minded design, perhaps it’s no surprise that this makes it to the top of our list.

The use of sustainable pieces and natural fabrics is very fitting for the times — they vibe with a range of interior aesthetics while giving your home some much-needed character and charm without being overwhelming: from coastal to boho, Scandi to rustic and every style in between.

The visual airiness of handmade upholstered furniture designs, rugs, throw cushions and tapestries reference both the natural, as well as the intrinsically textural throughout the home this season.

More importantly, organic materials: hemp, wicker, sisal, jute, wool, and rattan evoke a relaxed and calm feel born out of the primal need to be connected to the earth and its roots.


Biophilic design as a necessity

interior landscape design

Wellness and nature work hand-in-hand in creating environments that have a positive impact on human health and well-being.

If you’ve had your eyes on architectural and design trends, you may be aware of how biophilic design has gained momentum in recent year. In 2019, the push for wellness interior design continues to grow.

Biophilia emphasizes improving the quality of life by changing the indoor environment and implementing the responsible design into our interior settings.

Bringing in more plant life and natural materials like reclaimed wood, and having access to natural lighting and improved air quality are some of the critical contributors to boosting human health and well-being.


Rich and vibrant color palettes

Vibrant Furniture Colors

Go bold or go home! It goes without saying that this year’s design trends are feeling braver and edgier with more vibrant color palettes and copious patterns; from statement pinks to striking indigo, rich yellows to dramatic reds.

Expect to see house interiors dipped in deliciously inviting hues throughout the home — on wallpapers, hardware, backsplashes, luxury furniture, and décor accessories.

Bold and vibrant tones can be both powerful and terrifying at the same time. To get it right without overwhelming your space, keep a tight edit and visual balance between bright and muted shades.


Big, bold floral prints

Bold Floral Prints

From intriguing wallpapers to soft furnishings and beyond, floral prints are here to breathe new life and artistry into our living spaces.

Florals are already in full bloom everywhere, and these aren’t your ordinary grandma prints; they’re bigger, bolder and more abstract, and yet romantic, lush and whimsical at the same time.

Large prints of peonies and lilacs in exaggerated proportions and refreshing palettes of red, coral, mustard and emerald are strongly in vogue and indeed make an eye-catching décor statement that’s hard to ignore.


Rich, velvet furnishings

Luxury Velvet Seating

Sumptuously seductive and opulent, velvet has been growing in popularity, leading many designers to believe it will be this year’s most sought-after fabric.

Think of an impression a stunning velvet sofa would have on your guests, or how beautifully velvet pillows would contrast with other textural fabrics like wool and linen.

These are some of the most covetable ways to incorporate this real and luscious material into your interior décor scheme.


Black is the new black

Kitchen Design

White and bright spaces have had their moment in the past few years, but 2019 brings with it a striking, intense contrast.

Black is back and it’s back with a bang: dramatic, innovative, modern and stylishly sleek. Whether it’s a statement feature wall or charcoal-hued kitchen cabinets and inky hardware, this dark hue makes everything come alive and brings instant intrigue and allure to any room’s décor.

Bring in colors that pop such as jewel-tones against a darker background, or pair with metallic accents in gold for an elegant and powerful interior finish.

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