About us


Welcome to Mirabello Interiors

Over 30 years ago, the dream called Mirabello Interiors was born. We started off as a furniture and lighting design company and have over the years developed into a full service interior design and fit-out solutions provider.

For all this time, every single day, we have strived to be better than the day before. We have traveled the world, and we still do it, in search of the latest trends and knowledge, as well as materials and products.

We have built hundreds of close relationships – professional and personal. This has been one of the most rewarding and enriching parts of our journey.

Today, Mirabello Interiors is the leading Interior Design and Fit Out company in Qatar. We travel across the globe and have gathered a team from over 20 nations so that we can locally meet your goals and surpass your expectations.

The Mirabello team carefully listens to your needs and finds the best design solution for your intimate space or large-scale project with an unparalleled level of motivation and dedication.

In Mirabello, we think that the aesthetics and functionality of the spaces we live, play, and work in has a large impact on our psychological condition and therefore the quality of our life and work. We take this responsibility seriously and work passionately to create spaces that have a positive and lasting effect on people’s lives.

Our international team has over 80 people, each an expert in their field, dedicated to constant professional development and fulfilling our clients’ interior design dreams.

Mission Statement
We create spaces for our clients that are as awesome as the process we use to deliver them.


Vision Statement
We turn interior design dreams into reality.

Our Core Values

We hire people with character, competence, and commitment.
Our HR policies create an environment where people learn, grow, and stay.

We are a team

We do what we say when we said we would!

We deliver

We help our clients solve their problems. We understand that if we are not part of the solution we are part of the problem.

We solve problems

We love what we do.

We are passionate

We deliver a product/service that surpasses expectations. We are creative. We are thorough.

We wow

Each one of us is different, not better.

We are respectful

We build relationships that are positive and enriching.

We are positive and fun

Trust is earned by our actions every day.
Our motives are pure and direct.

We are honest

We want to learn more. We want to know how & why.

We are curious

We are doing the best job we can do; we are not better than anyone else.
We make mistakes. We put up our hand and admit it.
We are always willing to learn regardless of how much we think we already know.

We are humble

We push ourselves and workmates. We achieve our goals as a team. We rest knowing that we couldn’t have given more.

We are determined

Great is just the starting point, not the end point.
We are only as good as what we accomplish today.
We are curious. We want to learn more. We want to know how and why.

We are improving

What We Do

We thoroughly analyze project requirements in order to merge the essential design and function of each space at the most affordable cost.


Value Engineering

From commercial to residential interior design, our team of highly creative international designers develops custom interior design projects from the ground up.


Interior Design

Our in-house execution team, together with skilled professionals, craftsmen, and our own joinery, give us true design and build expertise, putting a perfect final touch to your space.


Fit Out

Having developed professional relationships with over 200 manufacturers across the globe, we can supply all required finishing and furnishing products for any type of project.


Purchasing & Logistics

Taking into consideration both function and form, our dedicated and specialized lighting designers play a pivotal role in every project, letting your space shine.


Lighting Design

As the distinction between indoor and outdoor becomes blurred in some projects, our superhero landscape designers are there to get the most out of those spaces.


Landscape Design