Senior Designer

Department: Design
Position: Senior Designer
Job Type: Regular
Job Status: Full Time
Reports To: Project Manager, Design Director and Principal in Charge
Amount of Travel Required: 25-40%
Positions Supervised: Project Designer and Associate Designer

POSITION SUMMARY: Serves as an interior design team member  under the Design Director and Project Manager


  • Advise client on interior design factors such as space planning, layout, and utilization of furnishings or equipment and color coordination
  • Knowledge of local material resources preferred
  • Participate in the construction administration of projects and review of submittals and finished samples
  • Support business development and marketing efforts when needed
  • Proven experience in FF&E design development and documentation
  • Outstanding graphic presentation skills
  • Works with Design Director and client to develop schematic FF&E design based on project criteria, program and budget
  • Participates in presentation and ensures format is compatible with office and client standards
  • Develops and maintain FF&E budget
  • Serves as principal contact with purchasing agent Review sample, strike-offs, etc. for compliance with specifications and design intent
  • Directs and reviews furniture plans for content and accuracy and insures that they fully coordinated with architectural, electrical, RCP and lighting plans and other consultants’ drawings
  • Coordinates presentation of artwork
  • Coordinates FF&E installation with all parties involved
  • Works with Project Designer and Project Manager throughout the project to help formulate staff utilization/work plan, task assignments and allocation fees
  • Knowledgeable about contractual responsibilities as it relates to the scope of work
  • Produce and coordinate finish schedule
  • Direct education of Associate Designer staff and Interns in office standards and policy
  • Make task assignments to Assistant Designers Allocate and adjust budget amounts in coordination with client and Design Director
  • Review and modify if necessary all specifications
  • Develops schematic design from established project program and client needs
  • Translates schematic design into design development drawings for use by production staff
  • Helps Design Director maintain continuity of design intent through construction documentation
  • Participates in presentations as needed Assists in coordination of interior architectural documents with work of consultants and architects
  • Prepares interior architectural specifications
  • Coordinates staff utilization/ work planning and budget requirements with Design Director and Project Manager


  • Accountability – Accountability looks at the extent to which an individual is willing to accept responsibility.
  • This competency asks the question “How do you look at responsibility for your work?”
  • Active Listening- Active listening looks at the extent to which an individual actively attends to, conveys, and understands the comments and questions of others.
  • This competency asks the question “How well do you really hear and understand what others are saying?”
  • Initiative- Initiative looks at the ability of the individual to act and take steps to solve or settle an issue.
  • This competency asks the question “How confident are you in making decisions on the basis of your own initiative?”
  • Judgment – The skill of judgment looks at the ability of the individual to form sound opinions or make decisions by evaluating available information.
  • This competency asks the question “How do you make decisions?”
  • Interpersonal – Interpersonal skills look at the ability of the individual to develop and maintain relationships with others.
  • This competency asks the question “How effectively do you relate with others?”
  • Time Management- Time management skills look at the ability of the individual to effectively utilize available time for the completion of necessary job tasks.
  • This competency asks the question “How efficient and productive are you in the utilization of available working time?”
  • Communication – Communication is the ability to convey info, written and oral in a clear and concise manner.
  • Does employee use active listening skills with an interest to understand others?
  • Attitude – Is a cooperative member of the team. Possess a positive, helpful attitude. Does the employee respond to an emergency request for assistance?


  • Education:  Bachelor’s Degree (four-year college or technical school)
  • Experience:  7 + years of experience in Architecture or Design
  • Other Requirements: Experience in the Hospitality industry. Fluent in AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, and writing custom specifications.

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Project Manager - Fit Out

Department: Execution Team
Position: Project Manager – Fit Out
Job Type: Regular
Job Status: Full Time
Reports To: Design Manager
Amount of Travel Required: 10%
Positions Supervised: Site Engineers, Foremen, Labour


This position will manage, organize, and coordinate all related activities and stakeholders to successfully execute fit-out projects.



  • Have a passion for Interior Design.
  • Meet with clients to determine relevant factors that affect the planning and execution of projects.
  • Coordinate execution of design intent into the construction documentation, specifications, and throughout construction administration.
    Manage project timelines, schedules, resources, and project budget.
  • Understanding of how buildings are constructed and the ability to create technical documents that succinctly, thoroughly, and accurately describe the work to be done.
  • Resolve technical/design issues and provides guidance to team and consultants.
    Participate in team discussions on technical and other project-related issues.
    •    Prepare and ensure accuracy of technical documents.
  • Experience managing multiple aspects of client, team, and project coordination, including full documentation coordination with structural, MEP, lighting, AV, landscape, and civil consultants.
  • Provides technical support to Design project team members which may include basic and difficult detailed documents.
  • Review detailed shop drawings and construction plans.
  • Participates in field observations to monitor the construction process.
  • Process submittals/substitution requests during construction and address RFI
  • Maintain the project manual and specifications.

Specifications Responsibilities:

  • Knowledge of building codes, structures, and materials standards.
  • Self-starter in terms of research and follow-through.
  • Function as a technical resource.
  • Stay current on product development, new materials, code changes and industry trends.



  • Conducting self in accordance with professional practice standards.
  • Adheres to firm and project goals of excellence in design and execution.
  • Coordination of multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Coordinates with Consultants
  • Performs within constraints of project budgets and schedules.
  • Be involved with coordinating contractors, consultants, and vendor assignments
  • Responsible for the completion of the execution for the full package and design plans.
  • Meet customer’s needs, budget within established project site schedule.
    • Education:  Bachelor’s Degree (four-year college or technical school)
    • Experience:  10+  years of experience in Fit-Out
    • Other Requirements: Experience in the Hospitality industry is a plus.

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