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Focus on bold patterns in the design world

Bold patterns are a very popular interior design trend at the moment. They are versatile, dynamic and when used correctly, they can enhance any work or living spaces.

Geometric patterns are nothing new in interiors – we have been seeing them for millennia. They have been used to decorate homes and palaces from as far back as the Sumerian civilizations of 4000 BC.

The Greeks and Romans, of course, used them abundantly, and in medieval times, they saw the light in tapestries and floor decorations.


P95 Apartment Design

More recently, the Cubist and Art Deco movements revived these patterns and influenced the geometric styles that we see today. When searching for images on the internet, you are sure to come across many popular trends.

But when you look closely, you’ll realize that nothing is indeed new and that most of these so-called trends are just old versions of something that have been re-imagined in a new way. Designing with geometrics give structure to space.

Like our designs below, vivid lines and compelling shapes create unique spaces with true elegance and creativity. Geometric lines are often seen as formal, but it is clear that they can have a deliciously playful quality as well.


The Majestic Rooftop

Patterns on walls, floors, and ceilings can create a great background for a room. Geometric pattern and lines can also cleverly be used to compensate for less than desirable architectural features in a room: a vertical line will visually lift a low ceiling and the right pattern can make a room appear bigger or smaller.

The pattern, however, should be chosen with care. There is a fine line between bold patterns and overwhelming interior designs.

Geometric prints, painting ideas, and artworks are a great way to add an individual style to your home. Modern living room designs with geometric patterns on walls, floors or home furnishings are bold, fresh and dynamic.

However, this is only a starting point. Expression and creativity need inspiration to take shape.


Mirabello’s Dynamic Vertical Guest Services Design

At Mirabello, our work is created by our diverse and innovative team. Each member is an artist at heart.

Their designs push the envelope, not because it’s expected, but because it is what drives us. You have to love what you do after all.

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