Design meets Wellness: A Guide to Creating the Perfect Home Gym

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Design meets Wellness: A Guide to Creating the Perfect Home Gym

Nothing beats the convenience of being able to work out in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The thought of driving in traffic, being in a space that’s too hot or too cold, or wondering if you’ll have access to your favourite gym equipment means that it can be easy to fall short of gym-attendance goals.

Designing your own gym allows you to set up the type of space that can be created to a bespoke design. It’s possible to blend form and function with great aesthetics — after all, if you’re going to sweat, it might as well be in the company of utterly beautiful workout space.

Below, you will find all of the guidelines to help you to create your home fitness space while maintaining the design integrity you desire.

Space consideration

What part of your home will you dedicate to your workout room? First things first, make sure to have a designated spot for your gym. This is the best way to ensure that you will actually use it on a regular basis.

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Now, if your home is large enough, then you may be able to utilise a spare room. If floor footage is a concern, then consider any additional space and get creative with what you’ve got. This can include patios, balconies, basements, outdoor areas, and more.

Indoor gym

Setting up an indoor gym gives you the freedom to make it your own. You can pick an area that you feel is most ideal for a good workout and customise it. This could be a spare office space, an attic, or even a spot in a spacious living room. The size of the area dedicated to gym equipment depends on your fitness goals and personal preference.

Basement gym

A basement extension can make the ideal space for a fitness suite. The right flooring, overhead lights and mirrors will aid in keeping the space open and inviting. If you have several rooms, say a bath or kitchen area in the basement, it’s possible to turn the entire space into an efficient workout suite.

Outdoor gym

There is nothing quite like getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine to fully enjoy your fitness routine and improve your mood. Outdoor training has grown increasingly popular within the last years, but how do you design a perfect outdoor fitness spot.

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Many homeowners love the idea of an outhouse with lots of glass — and it’s tempting to install wall-to-wall glass to let in as much natural light as possible. Rightfully so, as this will offer the most functionality. The combination of exercise and nature is good for both physical and mental well-being.

Garage gym

Garages are just gyms waiting to happen. They’re ideal for weight training and can really be tailored to suit specific needs, goals and performance. The area should be well ventilated and have enough windows to allow both fresh air and natural light in the room otherwise there’s a chance that you will experience great discomfort while training.

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Layout and space arrangement

When setting up a home gym it’s crucial that you evaluate the layout and functionality of the space. Gym designs, of course, vary hugely depending on individual needs. Making the best use of available space is about considering exactly how design decisions will impact your fitness experience.

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More importantly, ensure that your space arrangement leaves plenty of room between your equipment, to avoid any damage to it, the decor or yourself while you’re working out.

Fitness equipment

Curating a home gym that perfects every detail is the key to a successful design. This means, taking the time to select equipment that you are most likely to use on a consistent basis, especially equipment that’s in line with your fitness goals.

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So, if you want to increase your cardio, then a treadmill or a skipping rope will be a great addition. On the other hand, if you want to work on your strength training, you will find that kettle-bells are the way to go. Bear in mind that home gyms don’t need to have every piece of equipment under the sun — just a few anchor machines should suffice.

Gym flooring

For one thing, gym flooring acts as a protective layer for floors underneath from the inevitable dropping or slamming of handheld equipment during workouts. Even more importantly, flooring helps cushion bones and muscles during explosive workouts, as well as reduce noise. There are a variety of options to choose from. Do some research and decide what works best for your needs.

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Gym foam or rubber flooring squares that are approximately two inches thick are beneficial for a number of reasons. The squares interlock to instantly attain a professional look, and they can handle weights or workouts you throw at them.

Style and décor

Believe it or not, the decor of your home gym can determine just how motivated you will be. For instance, if you prefer a tranquil atmosphere, a soothing colour palette, a couple of ferns or bamboo plants and crisp clean accents can easily establish a relaxed but focused environment.

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Colour psychology can have a great impact on energy levels. If you want to make sure that you are amped up for the duration of your workout, opt for a green that is reminiscent of nature or the outdoors. Looking to set farther, more difficult goals? Then purple is the go-to colour to overcome physical challenges and limitations.

Want to stay focused instead? In this instance, neutrals such as white or cool grey will be your biggest ally. Consider fiery reds and oranges, which are warm and bring excitement and energy to any space — all good feelings to have when exercising.


Installing mirrors in your gym will lend an illusion of a larger space. It will also make the room seem brighter and open especially in smaller environments. Apart from aesthetics, there is a practical workout reason for installing mirrors in a training room. They’ll give you the opportunity to check your form, which can reduce the likelihood of injury.

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Energetic visual interest

To have a workout environment that feels inspiring, bright and invigorating can contribute to the result that you’re trying to get at. Stellar views, inspirational visuals or a stylish feature wall will instantly make your space pop.


Natural light helps keep you alert and energy levels high, studies reveal. Not to mention, sufficient natural flow of light can create a refreshing ambience for those working out early in the morning.

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But if your space isn’t privy to natural illumination, upgrade your artificial lighting to cool but bright white overhead lighting with LED to induce the same energising effects as natural light. You may also want to create a calming atmosphere by installing a dimmer switch to bring down the lighting levels for cool-down routines or low-key workouts such as Yoga or Pilates.

Get started!

Choosing new cardio and free-weights equipment, picking a colour scheme you love and the flooring you deem comfortable can be an exciting process when designing a home gym. However, coming up with a thoughtful design and space arrangement is just as important, all of which an interior design expert team can advise upon.

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When working alongside an experienced designer, expect the design process to be collaborative in order to meet your fitness goals. The designer will assist in working around a style that complements your lifestyle, the right fittings that make up the body of the gym, as well as lighting and all finishing touches that bring the entire design together.

Final thoughts

Health is wealth, and with improved fitness technologies offering more options, a steadily increasing number of fit people are choosing to forego membership-based gyms entirely and incorporate a home gym instead.

There’s no question that with a successful home gym design, you can enjoy the same fitness experience you would in a commercial fitness centre. Whether you decide to install a gym in the basement, outdoor area or a garage, the right space arrangement, colour palette, flooring, lighting, and equipment all come together to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing scheme.

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