Design Resources

The goal of our Design Resources section is to help you make informed decisions when it comes to the world of Interior Design and Fit Out.

After being in the Interior Design and Fit Out business for over 30 years it is inevitable that the industry specific information, terminology and vocabulary has become second nature. It would be unrealistic of us to expect that our clients have the same expertise or knowledge. Our clients span from international hotel operators (the likes of Hilton, Dusit and Centara), main contractors, small business owners to individuals. Regardless of the type of client, we never assume that they are as familiar as we are with our world’s jargon.

Even though Mirabello is based in Doha, Qatar (with our roots in Valencia, Spain) the information provided in this section is pretty much transferrable to any part of the world. There are slight nuances in terms; for example; 3D vs. Render vs. Visualization vs. 3D View vs. 3D Render or difference in units of measures (cm vs inches) but in the end the vast majority of terms and dimensions are the same regardless of your geographic location.

To help “pull back the curtain” on ID & Fit-Out world as well as help you become a lot more savvy, we have developed a series of quizzes that we believe are a fun way to learn about general and specific topics. We will be regularly adding informative quizzes on Interior Design and Fit Out related issues. Some will be more “technical” (measurements, ergonomics, vocabulary and the sort) and others will be, what you may call the “fun stuff” (design styles, furniture types, trends and other image based items); rest assured both types are chalked full of interesting, informative and we hope value added information.

It is our objective to help users of all types to learn more about Interior Design related topics such as furniture, wall coverings (wallpaper, paint, etc.), natural stone (marble, granite, etc.), fabric, carpets & rugs, joinery work (carpentry) and so much more. As for Fit Out, we are going to try and help you understand the process better and build your knowledge on a variety of issues that will help you understand the critical issues in selecting a contractor to making sure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

Please contact us with any suggestions for topics you would like us to develop a quiz for.

What is your interior desing style?

Quizz – Test yourself

Duration: 1-2 minutes