Lighting Design Services

From years of experience in lighting design, we have learned that without great lighting, a space cannot truly shine.


Shedding light on the power of lighting

Many professionals in the interior design world believe that 75% of great design is attributed to great lighting design. Regardless of the exact percentage, we completely agree that lighting design plays a critical role in our lives – and our projects.

Subconsciously, lighting is a major reason why people favor one shop over another, feel more comfortable in one hotel room and not in another, or are more productive in one office over another. The impact of lighting on our daily rest, work, and play is very powerful as it can change our mood, as well as energize and relax us.

To ensure the final success of a project, we involve our lighting designers from the onset of each of our projects. By incorporating the input of our specialized team right from the start, we can better integrate the lighting design with the architecture as well as avoid any potential costly changes to mechanical or electrical works at a later stage.

Space utilization and cost-effectiveness

In the interior design process, space planning comes first. Blocking out interior spatial areas, defining circulation patterns, as well as developing plans for furniture layout and equipment placement are all integral parts of our space utilization process.

Not all spaces are created equal, so we take a unique approach to each of our projects to ensure optimal space utilization. We talk to you to find out what you have in mind and then use this to envision the most effective interior design organization.

In addition, space utilization can significantly improve the client’s return on investment, so it is necessary to carefully consider a number of different options before choosing the one that will best fit your space.

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