Purchasing and Logistics Services

Once we have given in-depth and thorough thought to the specific materials we want to use in your space, it is time to get them before your eyes.


Wide range of sources

Materials used for implementing a project are as important as the lighting, shapes, and colors. Skillfully, we can supply any material you can think of.

If we think your space needs a particular material to get the look, we make it happen. Our purchasing and logistics team goes the extra mile – quite literally – to provide your space with materials obtained from our partners located at various parts of the world.

Whether you are into classical interior design concepts or you lean toward contemporary interior design, we respect your wishes and make them come true. We cherish traditional values in design. Still, we are always out there, searching for new alternative materials that last longer and look better, and attending international trade shows to learn more about them.

Supply chain management

Our three decades’ experience has taught us well how to optimize all aspects of the logistics. This includes packing optimization, carton marking for ease of product shifting on site, and a number of other important elements that can make a huge difference during execution.

The time necessary for a particular material to be delivered to the site, the material provider’s location, as well as coordination between several transport services are only a tiny part of what it takes to get materials to site at the right time.

Part of Mirabello’s ethos is that we are always happy to go above and beyond in order to give your project the best results.

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