Time to reflect: mirrors in professional interior design

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Time to reflect: mirrors in professional interior design

Using mirrors in professional interior design is not only a great way to accessorize a project. The Mirabello team also uses varying sizes of mirrors to create beautiful plays of light and vibrant contrasts within interior spaces.

Mirrors hold a few key advantages: they allow rooms to look more spacious and bright, while visually increasing spaces. Wall mirrors and beautifully crafted mirror frames offer fantastic interior accents that can set the entire mood of our design concepts.

Designers are almost like psychiatrists, artistic psychiatrists. We get to know some pretty personal things about our clients: personal needs, corporate needs; likes and dislikes, etc.

So when you’re looking at an interior space make sure you keep in mind what your client wants to express in that space and make sure it is something you both come to share a vision on. You need to get into their hands if you’re going to have a productive relationship.

Decorative wall mirrors and beautiful mirror frames can be used in creative ways to jazz up modern interior design ideas and create unique and dramatic room décor.

In our experience, clients love the use of mirrors in innovative and abstract ways. Look at our photos from the Al Thuraya Penthouse project.

The diamond shaped mirrors covered the entire wall in a vivid display of elegance and creative diversity.

What’s most impressive about this space is when the penthouse is lit up: this wall particularly comes alive and gives a beautiful contrast of light and dark with bold shadows and colorful highlights.

Some other examples of fascinating mirror use include using large mirrors in unusual frames to become the focal point of interior space. Large mirrors are perfect for living rooms, where you want to define the central point and decorate your fireplace.

Especially in open spaces, attractive large mirrors can look wonderful on empty walls, increasing rooms visually and creating stunning centerpieces for modern interior design and decorating.

We often try to use mirrors as bold statements that help to stir a bit of conversation. Also, as a personal preference, I love brightly lit rooms.

The trick is to not have an overabundance of lights or switches for that matter. The easy solution: use a few mirrors and have them reflect the light to help build evenly distributed lighting throughout your interior space.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall … With so many shapes, sizes, and styles, mirrors are a versatile decorative element that gives instant polish to a room with little effort.

They can do wonders! From illuminating dark corners and adding elegance and drama to an area to creating the illusion of space. They can even serve as works of art. There’s a mirror for every taste.

The trick is to find what style works best in your space.

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