Top 6 trends from salone del mobile 2016

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Top 6 trends from salone del mobile 2016

The annual Milan Furniture Fair, Salon del Mobile, is always a big highlight on the design calendar and this year certainly did not disappoint.

It’s consistently inspiring to see how the design greats interpret the world we live in and come up with new innovations – designers like Marcel Wanders, Philippe Starck, Patricia Urquiola, and others.

The Milan fair is always a great showcase of art and design intersecting and just like with fashion trends, we are excited to see how these will translate to the high street.

Here’s a look at our top 7 trends discovered at the Milan Fair this year:


1. Iridescence is everywhere

It’s almost as if the design world is trying to make light of things with these beautiful light and colorful pieces.

The dichroic film is being used to enhance everything from light fixtures and wall cladding to home décor and furniture. Definitely, something to keep an eye on this coming year.

  1. Patricia Urquiola’s Shimmer coffee tables for Glas Italia
  2. Sebastian Scherer for NEO/CRAFT
  3. Credenza collection by Patricia Urquiola and Federico Pepe

2. Multi Metals

Metals are still a very popular material to be used, but the latest trend sees all manner of metals and metallic colors being combined.

Think multi-metal lighting installations and cladding, furniture and even wall coverings and fabrics. Consistent with the last few years, the trend definitely leans toward the warmer colors: copper, bronze, rose gold and gold.

New interpretations of metal were also seen, most notably with Dutch designer Lex Pott’s oxidized Le Cornue oven – an artistic masterpiece.

  1. Knoll Gold Edition Chairs
  2. Lindsey Adelman – Cherry Bomb Fringe
  3. Lex Pott for EuroCucina
  4. Cristina Celestino for BottegaNove
  5. Patricia Urquiola for Georg Jensen All images via Wallpaper*

3. Seventies Revival

The ’70s have made a magnificent comeback, for the last few years in furniture design but now also with the colors of the era are being seen everywhere.

Use them individually or in combination to create a beautifully contrasting interior. Think teal and mustard, olive and peacock, coral and fern, powder blue and chocolate.

Not only are these combinations being seen in color blocking and furniture, but also as patterns on wallpaper and fabrics.

  1. Metamorfosi basins by Olympia Ceramica design
  2. Pedrali Vic by Patrick Norguet
  3. Barber & Osgerby‘s Puzzle tiles for Mutina
  4. Roberto Cavalli Home 2016

4. Oversized Prints

These large-scale prints have been popular for a few years now, but none took them to heart as much as design house moooi.

Photo realistic carpets and wallpaper featuring enormous flowers and mandalas are sure to be a conversation starter in any interior project.

  1. Marcel Wanders Eden Queen carpet for moooi
  2. Tom Dixon
  3. Umut Yamac’s Perch Light Tree Lamp for moooi

5. Material Mixing

This was a very dominant trend seen throughout the entire show: mixing of a variety of materials in the same piece of space.

Wood being combined with stone to create a multi-material countertop for a kitchen.

Or wood, concrete, and glass combined to fashion a furniture piece.

  1. Maison Valentina
  2. O by Luomo Collective
  3. Michael Anastassiades for Herman Miller

6. All Natural

This seems to play to the trend that Li Edelkoort predicted nearly 10 years ago – the move back to natural and the applications of materials being rethought to create new objects, instead of artificial or synthetic materials being created.

Natural elements like wood, marble, linen, and wool are back, finished in new ways, to help us live and design sustainably.

A very exciting new material has also seen the light this year in the form of Merdacotta by architect Luca Cipelletti: a sustainable terracotta-like material being made from cow dung.

  1. Merdacotta by architect Luca Cipelletti
  2. Fungi Collection by Arcaral
  3. Marsotto Edizioni’s Light and Shadow Exhibition by Nendo Designs

7. Outdoors coming Indoors

This trend has been coming for a few years now and it looks like it is here to stay. Especially in a society where cities are growing exponentially, people have a need to incorporate nature into their urban spaces.

Vertical gardens, hydroponics, and terrariums are all becoming increasingly popular among city-dwellers, and not only for the aesthetic value: the real food revolution has also encouraged people to take up micro-farming at home.

Also, prints of botanicals are seen on carpets, wallpapers, furniture, and fabric.

We trust that you’ve enjoyed our top trends seen at on Salone del Mobile 2016 – remember to follow our Pinterest and Instagram accounts so that we may keep you up to date with what’s happening in the design world!

  1. Glass 1989
  2. Masami Wallpaper and Cashmere Carpets by Vita Nesta
  3. Intermissioni presentation of new objects by DIMORESTUDIO

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